Depending on your requirements, I can develop and facilitate a course for your community group, volunteers or staff, whether its a one-off session or a multiple session course.  I offer special rates to community groups, social enterprises and charities.

Teaching:  Each REHIS Accredited course requires a minimum of 6 hours.  The Food Hygiene and Food & Health courses are classroom based, and can be taken in one sitting (1 whole day) or over 2 sessions (2 x 3 hour sessions).  The Cookery Skills course also requires 6 hours, but I would recommend 3 x 2 hour sessions.  All accredited courses require a training pack from REHIS at a cost of £10/person

Group Cookery Sessions are on average 2 hours long, which gives enough time to talk through the recipes, demonstrate any new techniques, cooking, tidying up, and reflection at the end.  Cookery Skills Course and Group Cookery Sessions require an extra 1 hour per session for set up, preparation, shopping, and tidying up at the end.

Please note – courses and cookery sessions are only available evenings and weekends at present

Venue & Equipment:  Costs for a mutually agreed venue may be incurred.  Classroom based courses (Food Hygiene and Food & Health) will require a screen and projector.  Cookery Skills and Group Cookery Sessions will require a catering standard kitchen (such as at a community centre or community kitchen), and the cooking equipment required.

Ingredients: food for the Cookery Skills and Group Cookery sessions are charged separately.  This means you can ultimate control over where the ingredients are purchased – some of my cooking group partners have used local shops such as fruit and veg shops, butchers and fishmongers.  Also, there are lots of funding opportunities available where you might be able to have the costs for your ingredients covered.  Check out Community Food & Health Scotland to see what funding opportunites are available for you (http://www.communityfoodandhealth.org.uk).

Other Consumables (optional): I provide teatowels, aprons and laundry at £1 per session.  I can also provide containers and reusable shopping bags for the participants, so they can take their food home at £3 per person.

Travel: mileage is charged at 45p/mile, from base (home address).

Contact me to get a tailor made quote for a Food Skills course for your community group, social enterprise or charity today!